Boutique Wine Shop

West Side Wine is a boutique wine shop located in a wonderful neighborhood of the Upper West Side. Our shelves are stocked with vintages that are cultivated by small producers from around the world. Our wines have a story to tell; the families behind these vintages have been passing the knowledge down to each successive generation, they nurture the soil that they farm on and deeply care for and love the grapes created on their fertile lands. The passion and dedication of these wineries spills into every bottle of wine housed in our shop.

Our spirit collection is awesome! We have a variety of small batch bourbons, tequilas, vodkas, gins and other varieties.

We carefully select each product to bring you the best that the market can offer. Although we focus on small producers we still carry the well-known labels of wines & spirits.

We taste all wines & spirits that are in our shop and can help you find exactly what you are looking for.

Stop by, we look forward to seeing you!